Season One of No Gods or Kings launched in May 2017 with the publication of Episode OneArrivals. Regular episodic updates are planned on a roughly bi-annual schedule, with Season One anticipated to end at Episode Nine in mid-2022.


'Joseph...aren't you afraid of Hierarchy?'

'No. I'm afraid of you'


‘Time to wake up.’

[Wha…where am I?]

That’s your first question? Interesting.’

[Who…are you? Who am I?]

‘Ah, more predictable. Good. That’ll be important. We don’t want you going off-script, not at all. Now, can you hear me clearly? Can you see me?’


‘Excellent. Listen closely. You are to be called the Recorder. Your name and purpose is the same. You are to create a record, a permanent history which you shall glean from careful interviews you shall carry out in the days and weeks to come.’

[History? A history of what?]

‘A history of the events that changed the world into what it is today. A history of the dawn of the superhuman in the early years of the twenty-first century. We expect you to capture the confusion, the fear and the awe that was present at the dawn of a new era in humanity’s history.’

[To what purpose?]

‘Your role is not to question. It is to serve. To create the most exacting, the most nuanced chronicle of how the world became as it is today.’

[And what is the world like today?]

‘…the world that exists now is a beautiful place. A terrible place. It is a testament to the choices we have made to protect it. The choices that we had to make, and the changes that we had to impose. It is important you remember that. Not that we all make choices but that - in the end - our choices make us.’